Monday, July 02, 2007

Who will be WFAN's New Morning Host -- Imus or Scarborough?

Depending on which "Post" writer you believe the new morning host on WFAN/660 in New York will either be Don Imus or Joe Scarborough.

Writing in their respective newspapers on Monday, Don Kaplan of the New York Post says it will be Imus and Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post suggests it might be Joe Scarborough.

In his article, Kaplan reported that Imus’ return to WFAN could be "just around the corner."

While celebrating the sports station's 20th anniversary last Friday, Imus pals Mike Francesa and Chris Russo, of "Mike and the Mad Dog," hinted that a deal to bring the crusty talk-radio cowboy back is in the works.

"When we return to our regular schedule this September, I hope the team will once again be complete," Francesa said.

A few minutes before that, longtime Imus co-host Charles McCord also made a cryptic comment about having "looked into the rearview mirror . . . and some objects were closer than they appear."

Meanwhile, Imus' lawyer, Martin Garbus, has reportedly been trying to use his client's threatened multimillion-dollar lawsuit against CBS Radio as leverage for reinstatement.

However,in article in Washington Post, Kurtz hints that not has Scarborough locked up the morning gig on MSNBC, but he might also have the inside track for morning slots on CBS Radio stations.
According to Kurtz' story MSNBC producers are finalizing the details for the launch of "Morning Joe" to permanently take over the 6 am – 9 am slot formerly occupied by the I-Man.

It’s ironic that MSNBC would pick Scarborough as the permanent replacement for Imus. Remember it was the shock jock’s racist and sexist remark about the Rutgers women’s basketball team (he called them "nappy headed hos") that resulted in the cancellation of both his syndicated radio show and cable TV simulcast.

After all, wasn't it Scarborough who joked about former senator Fred Thompson’s wife Jeri --asking whether the attractive Mrs. Thompson "works the pole" to stay in shape.

In any case, it appears that Scarborough's nightly show on MSNBC has been cancelled. The cable news network’s general manager, Dan Abrams, has been sitting in for Scarborough for the past two weeks and MSNBC will soon stop calling the show "Scarborough Country".

It appears that there might also be a radio strategy for Scarborough’s new show. According to Kurtz, CBS radio is considering carrying the "Morning Joe" show on some its talk radio stations.

So who gets on WFAN -- Imus or Scarborough?

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