Thursday, July 26, 2007

Texas is Not Big Enough for Liberal Talk

Houston’s two largest talk stations – KPRC/950 and KTRH/740 are doing a major programming makeover that will take effect on July 30. However, don’t expect an emergence of liberal talk radio in Texas’ largest radio market. The Clear Channel programming execs are just moving around the furniture for the mostly right-wing and a few apolitical talkers who they will be offering.

Yes, the state that brought us $3 per gallon gas and two of three worst presidents in the past 50 years – Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush -- is the only major state where liberal talk radio is not welcome. Remember it was Johnson and Bush that started the only two wars that the U.S. has lost -- Vietnam and Iraq, (including over 60,000 American lives)

It is also the state that contains two of the four top ten markets that don’t offer liberal talk --Dallas and Houston. (Philadelphia and Atlanta are the other two.) In fact, the only city in Texas that offers liberal talk is Austin, which some people feel is not really part of Texas. In any case, only 1 out of 20 people in Texas are able to receive a liberal talk station over the air.

There are three political talk stations in Houston. You will not find a liberal on even one of these stations – Clear Channel stations KTRC and KTRH and Salem station KNTH/1070. According to the new line-ups, KTRC will be known as “Mojo Radio.” While the daytime programming will be anchored by local hosts and non-political syndicated talkers like Erich “Mancow” Muller and satirist Phil Hendrie, the night time and late night slots will feature five conservative talkers from the second tier – Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Bill O’Reilly, Jerry Doyle and Glenn Beck.

Meanwhile on CC’s other talker -- KTHH -- it will be wall to wall conservative yakking. The line-up will feature the first tier of right-wing talkers – Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Dennis Miller for comic relief. The rest of the daytime slots will be filled by conservative local talkers – Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo, Chris Baker, and Michael Berry, who is also CC’s Houston Operations Manager.

And rounding out the Houston right-wing trifecta is KNTH. This is a station for conservatives with a Texas sized appetite for right wing politics – for those talk radio listeners who need more than Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, O’Reilly, Beck, Levin, Doyle, and Miller to get through the day.

Don’t look for a liberal on any of the other 120 talk radio stations in Texas. Those stations offer 20,160 hours per week of mostly conservative talk. In fact, conservatives fill 90% of slots on these stations, 9% are non-political talkers and 1% are those crazy libs on KOKE/1600 in Austin.


Justin said...

Phil Hendrie does the best show on radio, but you may be disappointed to know he supports George Bush. I know this isnt really a political article but George W Bush is no where near one of the worst presidents and the U.S hasn't lost the war in Iraq, if the dems have their way they will but it isn't lost yet.

Also is a little disingenuous to combine the death totals into one, every death is tragedy but the deaths in Iraq are quite low and are not comparable to Vietnam in any way.

raccoonradio said...

How about the great state of
Massachusetts, with people like
The Swimmer and Lurch representing us...a bastion of liberalism where,
except for some small stations in the Western part of the state, there is
no libtalk radio to speak of.
In Massachusetts!

But I guess it's like that line
from Spinal Tap: "Our concert
in Boston got cancelled, but not to worry. It's not a big college town." (And not to worry, AAR is
off in Boston but there aren't
too many liberal there...)

barooosk said...

How about the great state of
Massachusetts, with people like
The Swimmer and Lurch representing us...a bastion of liberalism where,
except for some small stations in the Western part of the state, there is
no libtalk radio to speak of.
In Massachusetts!

Firstly, the two AAR affils in MA -- WHMP and WHMQ are in the central not western part of the state.

Also, you know that liberals get fair representation on the Boston talk radio stations. Tom Finnernan does AM drive on top rated WRKO and WTKK has the moderate to liberal team of Eagen and Braude in PM drive. I challenge you to find even one liberal on the radio in the whole state of Texas (with exception KOKE in Austin).

Also, your right-wing buddy Brian Maloney is so upset about liberals in Boston that he started a website just to attack Finnernan!

radiofan14 said...

The Dallas Air America newsletter in late May mentioned that Nova M was looking to purchase a station in the Metroplex for liberal talk. Maybe a second liberal talk station will come to Texas.

Gary said...

Houston's KTRH news/sports/talk is going to the big names and phasing out the local conservatives. (Saw this coming a month ago when they added Rush and I was told the ratings trippled into the top 10 from the previous local guy. Only into the top 10? The local conservative ratings must be terrible.)

Houston does carry non-commercial liberal talk on Pacifica KPFT. Also the Nice Polite Republican radio network with 'Some Things Considered' etc. is another option until people just switch to satellite or podcast.

John said...

Hey, what about THE JOHN TRUITT SHOW on KIKK-AM in Houston? I've been on every Sunday morning from 9 'til 10am since November 2003; and I'm no CONservative!!! We discuss tarring & feathering republiCONS every Sunday; and wonder why Congress doesn't impeach both Bush & Cheney to preserve our nation's honor. To find out more log on to our website at; then tune in and call in for "equal time to speak your mind" Sunday morning. See for yourself why they call us the "Radio Rebels":-)
- John Truitt

Anonymous said...

I agree it's a pity there's not more diversity in the voices heard...I'd much rather listen to real news on NPR than either right wing or left wing propoganda, but with the huge number of right wing hate radio voices, getting "the other side" is vital.
I would disagree, sadly, with one comment...if you don't think Mancow is political, you've never listened. He's far right, and often every bit as jingoistic, bigoted, racist, and hateful as the Savages and Rushes of the world. I've thought at times he was doing a hysterical take-off on ridiculous racist redneck flag-wavers, only to realize he was dead serious. Nasty stuff...and it's not even election year, yet. If we (I hope I hope I hope!) nominate Senator Clinton, expect him to go into double time with the vicious personal attacks. Any mention of the Clintons on Mancow's show drips with hate and slander.

Big Papa said...

Racist scum like Joe "pain in the asp" Pagliarulo are the reason America is headed towards DAMNATION. You Fox propagandist sheep won't let there be peace and democracy here in America, how in the world can you export it around the world. Most Black people in America have a TOTALLY DIFFERENT experience than whites (and you white hypocrites know it). How many of you (Texas rednecks especially) have sat around your dinner tables or in your pews and heard close relatives or respected community leaders (like pastors) say things that you disagree 9or agree with) that you KNOW are inflammatory, but you also may see as being truthful. The problem with you racists are that you have a world od double standards, you just don't have mirrors.

After you right wing extremists finish shaking and quaking about the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's comments try using what little gray matter you have; and, ask yourselves several questions:
1) What did Rev. Wright LIE about?

2) Are all the Black children in this church (or any other Black churches where Pastors espouse similar views) disqualified from being president?

3) If so, what does that say to Black people in America about this being their country as well?

Finally, how will America survive as divided as it is; you won't nor can you kill ALL of the people with whom you disagree or fear, so howcan we POSSIBLY move forward as a nation?

Big Papa

Anonymous said...


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c berry said...

Please give us a liberal talk show. I can not stand anymore of Hannity and Rush. They make me physically ill. Get them off!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

After reading this I may actually move to Texas. I've had more than my fill of liberals.

Arizona foreclosures said...

Also is a little disingenuous to combine the death totals into one, every death is tragedy but the deaths in Iraq are quite low and are not comparable to Vietnam in any way.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You are missing the true reason why there isn't Liberal Talk Radio, outside of Austin, in Texas. Liberal Talk Radio doesn't bring in nearly enough ad revenue. Being a progressive, this concept may seem strange to you, but businesses exist only to make a profit.

Take this from a proud Texan, whose family came to Texas in the early 1830's before we won our independence from Mexico.
Most Texans live by certain principles; Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Economic Opportunity, & Limited Government. We base our opinions on facts, sound logic, & common sense. This isn't congruent with "Liberals" & "Progressives", who rely upon feelings & emotions to make there points.

Aside from the econmonic reasons, a liberal like Keith Oberman or Rachel Maddow wouldn't last a day on air in Houston. The listeners would go right after them on the facts, & they would be speechless.

Anonymous said...

g8 post!
moving to texas , thanks

furniture removals in London said...

Intriguing stuff you write about. Thinking of publishing any new feeds to your blog ?

letloose5150 said...

We dont want your kind in Texas so sounds like your out numbered jacka$$!!

Neal said...

I am a 76 year young independent, who used to be a republican. I switched when President George W. Bush said that anyone who didn't agree with him about going into Iraq was UN-AMERICAN. I am a 2 tour (in country) Vietnam Vet who served 26 years in the Army & Air Force and then the President calls me un-american because I didn't agree with him about Iraq. Funny I didn't see his face over there and I didn't try to avoid my service to my country.
I live outside of San Antonio and really am fed up with all the junk spewed about how bad this administration is. If I could find a non republican -conservative - right - radio station I would switch today. I can't, however receive the Austin station.

Kim Solem said...


(An open letter to the President of the United States, Barack Obama)

Considering your recent condemnation of Putin's invasion of the Crimean, Barack Obama, you should practice what you preach. It's time for you, Mr. President, to end the United States Military occupation of Texas.

With more than 38 military bases, the State of Texas is home to more American service men and women than most other states combined. And their presence is not appreciated in a 'Lone Star State' where even the governor, Rick Perry, decries the presence of the Federal Government as tyrannical and an obstacle to Texans' happiness and success. And like many Texans, Rick Perry is an advocate of Texas seceding from the Union. No doubt more Texas would join the voice of independence if it weren't for the intimidating presence of armed American troops.

Granted, there are arguments to be made that Texas should not be liberated. Those arguments site Texan's ungracious arrogant attitudes towards the rest of the county. But who are we, as the United States of America, to argue that Texas doesn't have the right to self-determination, when we advocate such a policy around the globe.

So I call upon you, President Barrack Obama, as Commander and Chief, to begin to close and relocate those 38 U.S. military bases so Texans can decide the future course of their State without a bunch of armed soldiers camped in their backyard. In addition, Mr. President, I ask that you close and relocate all NASA personnel, including the Lyndon Johnson Space Center. As you are aware, many Texans, along with other Americans, are concerned that these NASA sites serve nothing more than bases for intelligence gathering on its citizens. Something America has never had the right to do in the first place.

President Barrack Obama, don't be a hypocrite, if Russian troops should withdraw from the Ukraine, then certainly American troops should withdraw from Texas.

Yours Truly,
Kimmy Alan