Monday, July 16, 2007

Suspect Arrested in Slaying of Talk Radio Host

The mystery surrounding the murder of former Seattle talk show host, Mike Webb, appears to be solved with the arrest yesterday of a homeless man, who used to be a room-mate of the troubled liberal talker.

According to the Seattle Post Intellingencer, Scott Brian White, 28 has apparently confessed to police that he committed the crime and is being held on $1 million bail for investigation of second-degree murder.

Evidence found at Webb's house "unequivocally tied White to the murder scene," court records said. White's friends told investigators that he admitted killing Webb, 52, and described details of how the slaying was committed that only the killer or someone present at the death would know.

Ironically, White’s arrest occurred on the same day that a memorial service was being held for Webb at St. Mark’s Cathedral. Seattle based blogger Michael Hood AKA Blatherwatch was attending the memorial service. Today, he attended the court hearing where White was charged with Webb’s murder.

Since Webb went missing in April, suspicions were circulated that the former KIRO/710 talk host had met with foul play. The sad saga was carefully reported in Blatherwatch, which covered the conviction of Webb for insurance fraud, followed by his dismissal by KIRO, and a 30-day stay in a psychiatric facility.

Despite the fact that his Seattle home was searched by police and family members, Webb’s body was not found until June 28 when a property manager made the grim discovery while cleaning out a crawl space.

Evidence found at Webb's house unequivocally tied White to the murder scene, according to court records. White had been a person of interest to police because he was using Webb's debit cards after his death.

Apparently, he lived with Webb until November, 2006. At that time, he was told to leave by Webb who had made an unsuccessful attempt to get White off drugs.

Webb is the second the liberal talk show host to be murdered. In 1984, Denver talk show host Alan Berg was gunned down by two right wing extremists. Berg’s tragic murder was memorialized in a chilling movie – Talk Radio.


Anonymous said...

Was Scott from the Seattle area originally? I'm doing some research (mostly to make sure it's not the Scott White I knew 15 years ago).

respond in the comments area

Rick 10/3/07

Anonymous said...

This Scott was born in the Seattle area, then moved to Spokane at age 12, then moved back to the Seattle area around age 17-18.

S.J. said...

The week before he killed Mike he was in a treatment faciliaty and had said some pretty horable stuff that mike had done to him and by all acounts we assesed him as having PTSD. As well as a heavy addiction issue...No excuss for what he did but Mike has been panted as this clean cut guy and no body finds it odd he had a boy living free in his home in the city of seattle....