Monday, July 16, 2007

Savage: "Free Speech for Me, Death for You"

At their annual gabfest in New York last month, Talkers Magazine bestowed their coveted Freedom of Speech Award to Michael Savage, whose syndicated talk show is carried on over 350 stations.

Savage enjoys speaking freely on his show and dishing out the red meat that his 3.75 million radio listeners love to hear. He has amassed a lavish record of on-air bigotry -- dismissing child victims of gunfire as "ghetto slime," referring to non-white countries as "turd world nations," calling homosexuality "perversion" and remarking that Latinos "breed like rabbits."

However, Savage doesn’t think some people deserve to have free speech. In fact, he apparently doesn’t think that some people even have the right to live. Like when he a told a gay caller to his short lived TV show on MSNBC "to get AIDs and die."

Well, the host of The Savage Nation has done it again. He was so angered by the behavior of a group of Hispanic students, who were conducting a hunger strike at San Jose State University that he told his listeners that they too should die. (not of AIDs but of starvation.)

According to Media Matters, on the July 5 broadcast of his radio show Savage discussed a recent hunger strike organized by students in the San Francisco area to show their support for The DREAM Act, a provision of the 2007 Comprehensive Immigration bill. The DREAM (or Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act would provide a pathway to citizenship and other benefits for certain illegal immigrants who entered the United States before the age of 16 if they graduate from high school and enroll in either college or the military. In discussing the students, Savage stated:

"I would say, let them fast until they starve to death then that solves the problem. Because then we won't have a problem about giving them green cards because they're illegal aliens, they don't belong here to begin with."

So let me understand, it’s okay for Savage to say all kinds of hateful things, on his radio show, for three hours a day and five days a week, but if someone else -- like the gay caller or this group of Hipanic students want to express their opinion they should just die. And this clown gets a "Freedom of Speech" award.

Could you imagine what would happen if a liberal talker expressed a similar sentiment. Randi Rhodes was pretty upset when Randall Terry held a sit-in at Terri Schiavo’s hospice. What would have happened if Rhodes said that Terry should be given a fatal dose of barbituates by Schiavo's nurses?

Or Stephanie Miller was outraged when a group of anti-gay Christians wanted to protest at the funerals of some of the Virginia Tech victims. Imagine if Stephanie said "too bad there isn’t someone around who would shoot them."

According to the San Jose Mercury News the two dozen Hispanic students, who were conducting the hunger strike are asking Savage’s syndicator, Talk Radio Network to fire him and are also asking for apologies from the radio stations that carry "The Savage Nation."

They have also posted a letter on the activist website articulating their outrage over Savage's death wish.

Little do they know that TRN, which specializes in right talk, is probably delighted with Savage’s comments. Also, they will not get any apologies from Savage or the managers of affiliated stations. In fact, Savage will probably string out this controversy as far as he can.

Afterall, he holds the Talkers Magazine Freedom of Speech Award.


Anonymous said...

So who are the Savage Wiener's advertisers? Its all about economics, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Having listened to Rhandi Rhodes and a fillin for her while she was vacationing, while I was visiting in Palm Beach, please believe me she and her fillin certainly didnt portray themselves as members of the clergy. The left's representatives in the media whether radio, the elite print guys, the old Democrat leftist retirees that fill the T V news and public radio airwaves certainly do not have clean hands when it comes to using lewd and vile language to express their point of view. Bill Clinton's actions would be characterized by the media darlings as those tendencies of a Sex Predator if he were a member of the right. Kerry's actions were questioned and refuted by a group of ex-military guys but the elite "Media Matters" type call them liars or worse while no one can question the "slaps" at the miliry made be Senators and Reps who are ex-military also as they are valiant warriors - so whatever is bad for the goose is good for the gander? Dick Durbin's remarks regarding our military should have shamed him out of office but let someone mistakenly call out someones name - akaka? and you guys go nuts. Rhodes cam only survive in the major cities where blus is the pre-dominant political flavor. In the state of Florida she is in Palm Beach and Miami Beach - wow how impressive. I only mention her and the guy who followed her because I have never heard any other lineral talkers and believe me she cant get through a sentence without calling someone a liar, a doper or whatever filth that fills her mouth. Bill Maher is another bad mouther yet no one on the right I €know of is asking everyone to stop supporting his shows. The left is the best at calling names and setting up talk rules that condemn others for using hate speech. Read David Corn, Jonathan Alter, Maureen Dowd and a host of N Y Times, Post, Globe and Sun writers and check out their "polite rhetoric". Better yet listen to James C who certainly painted the ladies that had ventures with Clinton as those types that you could find by "dragginng a dollar bill through a trailer park". This statement hy itself if repeated by a conservative would have ignited an avalanche of outrage from the lineral gals who had no comment on Clinton's hehavior and one proninent one said she herself would afford him a BJ as long as he protected the "WADE" decisions. One more of the many laws of reatriction and emancipation as levied by the biggest law making branch of the previous 30 years - the Supreme Court which the liberals love everytime they extract some "underlying meaning" that gave the liberal congrsses of that period to need not vote on highly charged issues that might not go their way at the ballot box and possibly lose their cushy jobs eapecially those like Kennedy and Kerry that live in liberal heaven.

Now what's the beiing odds on the political bent of one of your commenters that calls for "Savage Wiener's advertisers" identities.