Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Haven Reporter Blasts Clear Channel

My apologies to Joe Amarante, TV and Radio Editor at the New Haven Register. In my last post, where I reported on the demise of lib talk on WAVZ in New Haven, I took a shot at Amarante because he didn’t question the motives of Clear Channel and their self-serving spokeshole Jerry Kristafer.

Well, Amarante looks like he has had some second thoughts on the WAVZ situation, which he posted on his blog yesterday.

In responding to a comment about the lack of local news on Clear Channel stations in New Haven, including WAVZ, Amarante called CC “a ruthless, money-first corporation that doesn't care about the public interest. Not that this hasn't happened to other media outlets in a changing world increasingly dominated by Internet and Wall Street greed.”

“CC should either operate radio stations in an honorable way or get out of the business,” he posted. “They disgust nearly everyone who cares about radio and free speech.”

Amarante who called CC “a Texas-based disgrace, much like the guys they prop up with right-wing opinion shows,” also speculated on their decision to drop lib talk in the mostly Democratic New Haven area.

“CC airing progressive talk?” he posted. “Talk about a doomed partnership (which may have been the political strategy all along).”

Amarante called WAVZ’s program director and morning talk show host, Jerry Kristafer “a survivor,” not unlike the only surviving local host after a purge of local yakkers on WHJJ in nearby Providence. If you recall, CC dropped two liberal hosts on that station about two months ago – Arlene Violet, who had a 13 year career at the station and Howie Barte. The local libs were replaced by syndicated right-wing talkers Sean Hannity and Quinn & Rose. Ironically, the only surviving local host is moderate Helen Glover, who’s claim to fame is that she was a winner on CBS’ "Surviver" mini-series.

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Emacee said...

Right wing host is PD of a progressive talk station? Talk about doomed from the start.