Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ed Schultz Blasts Air America Radio

If you caught the second hour of Ed Schultz’ radio show yesterday, you got to hear from Chris Dodd, one of the candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination. However, if you caught the first hour of the show you got to experience an outrageous display of "liberals eating their own" as big Eddie lashed out against Air America Radio, several of the hosts, one ex-host, Schultz’ own syndication company, and even the new expected owners of the liberal talk network.

What prompted Schultz’ outburst was a statement made by AAR host, Sam Seder, who apparently urged his listeners to call XM satellite radio to support the placement of Thom Hartmann in the coveted morning slot formerly held by, now ex-AAR host, Al Franken.

But to say that Schultz over-reacted to this bit of competitive theatrics is an understatement.

The top lib talker opened his hour-long attack against AAR and several of its hosts, including Seder, Randi Rhodes, Al Franken, and former AAR late night talker Mike Malloy, by saying that they all worked "for a company that has just lost $40 million and is stiffing people because they can’t pay their bills. I’m sick and tired. I just want to spit on the floor at this."

But Schultz was just warming up. He went to say Air America "sucked" ten times and "can eat me" three times. In case you think that we are making this up, you can find a recording of Schultz’s outburst on the his website.

"I wish that AAR would just go away and shut up," Schultz complained. "They’ve never sold a commercial. They pimped the radio industry trying to beg for money to stay on the air. If they sold some advertising and got off the no buy lists, maybe they would be able to make it." "I’m beyond the point of pussy footing around all this stuff," he continued. "Nobody buys their crap. They can’t run a business… all they can do is hate people—even me."

Even the Stephen L. Green, who expected to take over AAR next week wasn't spared. "Is this new guy gonna be purchasing markets too," Schultz asked.

The Ed Schultz Show premieres on XM Satellite Radio today. The show will be carried live from 12p-3p. However, big Eddie was not celebrating on his show yesterday. He accused Seder and Randi Rhodes of playing "dirty pool," and questioning Schultz’ liberal credentials.

Who the hell are they to tell XM that we’re not liberal enough," Schultz said. "XM can program their network anyway they want. They’re not mandated to take AAR."

However, Schultz certainly didn’t endear himself to lib talk listeners when he went to say "No wonder [Bill] O’Reilly makes fun of them and "you know it makes me think that what conservatives say about liberal talk if the truth."
He also reminded his listeners that he was nominated by Radio and Records as a candidate for top syndicated talk host of the year.

"I’m up against Rush and Hannity, Dr. Laura and Imus," Schultz bragged. "I’m proud to be in their league."

But he saved most of his venom for the financially challenged liberal talk radio network.
How come the [bankruptcy] judge didn’t put the hammer on them," he said. "What are they gonna give him a show? Air America sucks, their shows suck, nobody buys them, they’re not good people, their unscrupulous, they give liberals a bad name, and if you’ve given money to Air America your an idiot too because they don’t deserve it. This is no way to run a railroad."

A caller, who sympathized with Schultz’s dissatisfaction with AAR ran into trouble when she also expressed kind feelings towards Mike Malloy, who was dumped by AAR six months ago.

"Mike Malloy has taken so many shots at me," "He’s not left enough, he’s a Republican. Tell Malloy he can eat me too," Schultz said, as he hung up on the caller. "If Malloy was worth a damn he would still be on the air somewhere."

Actually, Malloy, who is syndicated by Nova M, is now carried on eight radio stations.

Even, Al Franken who will be doing his final show today for AAR, was not spared from Schultz’ wrath.

Al Franken leaving is the best thing that that ever happened [to AAR], Schultz said. "Because maybe they’ll get a guy in there who will stick around for awhile and not travel around the country advertising that he’s thinking about leaving."

Schultz even took a shot at his own syndication company, Jones Radio.

"I’m done with Air America programming, I done with their underhanded cutting of the market place," he said. "I don’t even know why Jones Media sells their crap."

Big Eddie did have some nice things to say about how two other hosts that are syndicated by Jones Radio – Stephanie Miller and Bill Press.

"I want all the dedicated listeners to Ed Schultz Show to call XM and tell them to take Stephanie Miller and Bill Press and drop the crappy Air America programming," he said.


Anonymous said...

Big Eddie is the best of the lib talker and knows how to effectively use radio. We may not like Limbuagh and Hannity but they know how to entertain and keep an audience. Lib talk syndicators better take lessons in presenting good radio if they expect to be successful.

Doug Bashford said...

Good post! You've almost done the impossible, to capture the level of Ed Schultz's full blown, spitting hate and bile in that hysterical temper tantrum.
It was mean spirited, and offensive, embarassing, actually.
In the second hour he said: "This is war, let's just have at it."

Like a snot-nosed spoiled brat, Ed was blaming all of Air America for
Sam Sedar's mild remark, insinuating that he was a long-time victim of Air America's constant abuse. But the only "bad" thing I've ever heard on AAR about Schultz was about six months ago when ex-Air America host Mike Malloy mildly replied to a caller that he didn't fully trust Schultz, and implied that Schultz had perhaps swapped from Repub to Dem for commercial reasons, give him time to prove himself. That took about 30 seconds to say. In fact, Schultz pondered a run as a Republican for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994. Since
then, he claims to have become a Democrat in 2000, even tho he later supported some Republicans.

Me? I don't trust Ed Schultz because he has a Republican
mindset, oversimplistic and an overly bifurcated world view, seemingly incapable of grasping the
nuances and gray areas of ANY issue. And he is lazy, seemingly getting his news from Fox, then eventually over weeks, getting surface-educated by his callers
and "Lefty" guests such as Hillary Clinton.

Because Ed Schultz has only a surface education, he is often helpless to define the liberal position if a Right wing caller challenges him. Unlike the Air America hosts, Schultz seems too lazy to do his homework, prolly has a football game to watch. I remember one time him bitching cuz he had to fly one weekend and could only watch 3 football games. In short, Big Ed seems content with his water cooler education of the political issues. Fine for the bowling league, but is this a true professional news talker?

Of course, this is just my personal preference, it is obvious that many people prefer Ed Schult's "chatty Cathy" manly gossip format to Air America's often harsh facts and logic. And Ed is the first to admit, for him, its all about the money, the feelsgood ratings,
the business end, it's not about the unpleasant Truth.
He is a bussiness man first, all else is in the back seat.
Indeed, most of Schult's rant focused on Air America's
past financial problems as proof that they are all scumbags. Nice values, huh?
And he has the gall to call Anna Nicole Smith a whore.

No doubt Big Ed has such a big chip on his shoulder and feels like such a victim because even though
he is the most popular liberal talk show host, the Media ignores him, and it's all about Al Franken
and Air America. A quick google of
"Air America" AND "Ed Schultz"
confirms this....not much written about Ed in those articles. So he's pouting like a spoiled brat. But his venom against fellow liberal talk show hosts was more like a rabid rat's. Out here in farm country, we know the solution for problems like that.

The ungrateful Schultz should be happy that he's flying under the under the radar, escaping the Right Wing's constant attacks, for this is the reason why politicians so quickly agree to be interviewd on his unknown show, for it does not carry the swiftboating baggage
Air America has been pinned with. His esteemed guestlist and his softball interviews are the only
reason to listen to his show. That, and his popular manly gossip, if that's your cup of tea.

Big Ed is no Rush Limbaugh, at least Rush is not lazy.
I'll take Rush any day, at least he's honest and hard working, and Limbaugh knows how to aim his guns. Eddy thinks he's playing with toys.


BobKincaid said...

Doug Bashford said:

"The ungrateful Schultz should be happy that he's flying under the under the radar, escaping the Right Wing's constant attacks[.]"

There's a reason the right-wing doesn't attack "Big Eddie:" he's not on the radar as someone from whom they perceive opposition. Nine times out of ten, Big Eddie sounds more like Rush than like anything anyone could call "liberal."

Given the fact that Schultz came from strong Rush-wannabe credentials, Schultz lacks the street cred to speak to liberal issues in America. He's a milksop to the middle-of-the-roaders, those beloved "undecideds" with whom centrist democrats are in love and who, frankly, don't exist, at least not in the way and the numbers that mealy-mouthed, wishy-washy centrist democratic politicans think they do.

TED said...

This is all you need to know about Big ED

Anonymous said...

The Big Eddiot has once again been exposed as the fraud he is. I had the misfortune of catching some of his tirade, and it was instantly clear to me that the boy's running scared from just the THOUGHT that he might have to go up against a real progressive with a real education: Thom Hartman.

Eddiot may brag about being in the same league as Hannity or Dr. Laura, but he isn't even close to being in Hartman's league.

Anonymous said...

Thom Hartman is the bomb. He would never tell anyone to shut up. Ed Schultz lost me about six months ago with his naive "analysis" on Iraq: it's a centuries-old conflict between Sunnis and Shia and there's nothing we can do about it. How sad that he won't open his mind to the facts: the U.S. is conspiring with the Shia to ethnically cleanse the Sunnis. The U.S. has taken over the Iraqi economy lock, stock, and oil barrel. The Sunni insurgency is fighting back against U.S. empire building, just like the colonists fought against the British 3 centuries ago. I live in Minnesota and I'm going to vote for Al in two years. Eddie, please stay in Fargo, eh?

Anonymous said...

I'd always had a problem with Ed Schultz's rudeness to listeners he disagreed with,but I made a conscious decision to stop listening to him when he was cheerleading Israel's rampage through Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

I have been a pretty loyal listener for Ed Schultz for a couple of years. The way he went off the other day on AAR, and the constant reminding about his big award nomination, may be showing that his popularity is going to his head. In some ways, I believe that he represents a common sense approach to the discussion of politics. On the other hand, sometimes he seems a bit too much like our "gut feeling" commander-in-chief who's still looking of for the WMD in the corner of the oval office.
Suffice it to say, that Ed has been taking himself down more notches than up lately. I hope that this doesn't continue, as he still represents a more moderate side of the Democratic party. I some ways I think that the farther left resents Ed being considered a progressive, in fact, in most ways.
Thom Hartmann is great, and definitely comes across as someone who has a great grasp of the facts. At the same time, he displays the type of even temperment that Ed Schultz should find his way to, if he wants to stay popular. Good luck to Thom in Al's spot. Ed, cool your jets, man. Enjoy your success without emphasizing the failure of others.

Anonymous said...

Ed is NOT a progressive. I was shocked the other day when he was interviewing some conservative who was pondering how conservatives would "retake power" in the next couple of election cycles. How does this serve the progressive cause? I always felt big Eddie was a plant, a poser. Also notable is his unwillingness to discuss alternative theories to the official one of what happened on Sept 11th. I dont like Eddie, and I wish Air America would flush him asap.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem with Ed is that he wants to be a Limbaugh like demegogue complete with his own ditto-heads (which he calls Ed heads). However, I don't think the Left is interested. While right wing radio is filled with ego maniacs telling people what to think, by the nature of the lintener, left wing radio is geared more towards information and debate.

pd said...

Ed Schults sucks. Unfortunately, my local affiliate carries him instead of Thom Hartmann and I sometimes listen to part of his show before I realize that something is irritating the hell out of me. It's him. He's a thin skinned whiner, as his tirade shows. He wants to be Limbaugh, but he's not even in the same league. And I really dislike Limbaugh!

Anonymous said...

I heard Ed Schultz's comments about Air America and Sam Seder on the day he made them. I know Schultz aspires to be the populist Antirush with broad mainstream appeal to the "center", but it's sometimes difficult to tell any real difference between him and the Drug Addled Gasbag himself. And I'm really trying to imagine someone like Ingraham, Hannity or Savage proclaiming "Limbaugh sucks!!" on the air...but the right-wingers seem to have a cohesion about them that we've yet to achieve. And it definitely factors into their success.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely liberal and I listen to and love progressive talk radio. I believe that Ed Schultz is more talented, more articulate, and much much more interesting than Thom Hartmann. In fact, I cannot believe that so many listeners seem to prefer Hartmann. Hartmann is not more liberal than Schultz. Hartmann, e.g., does not acknowlege the Bush administration's involvement in, at a minimum, the 9/11 coverup. Hartmann does not have interesting guests and Hartmann talks over his callers and his (usually) boring guests. He stammers and stutters. Moreover Hartmann is much more of a braggart than Schultz. Nearly every time Hartmann speaks he mentions a book he wrote or some experience he had in Germany or how he predicted that such and such would happen. Unlike Schultz's Hartmann's braggadocio is not clearly tongue-in-cheek. I cannot understand why so many seem to have an opposite perspective.

Anonymous said...

I've been listening to Air America for a few years now. I am so thankful to have liberal radio as I do love radio.

While I enjoyed Al, he could sometimes bore me to tears. But I sure missed him when he left!

At first, I was happy to have Big Ed on at Al's old time slot. Sometimes he came across as a blow hard and I wondered just how sincere this guy was about being a democrat -- he always sounds like a Pug to me.

But in the past few months I have found myself turning him off more and more. Then came the Hillary bashing. I thought it was just me until I heard several callers say the same thing, that he is attacking. Of course, he always has to go to a break and changes subjects when he comes back so as not to answer the legitimate charges.

Today was no different expect Big Ed in fact finally came out in said it -- he is mad because Hillary and Biden will not appear on his show. He does not want them to be the candidate!

Because they won't come on his show! Not because they would be bad for the country or any such thing!

Ed likes to brag that he and Jones are in the radio business to make money. Well to make money, you have to increase your listening base.

I agree .. Big Ego is a petty, small man who cares not one scintilla for anything but the mighty dollar.

This was only the first time in two weeks that I have listened to Big Ed. It lasted less than five minutes. I won't be back.

Put a fork in him, he's done!

Anonymous said...

big you brother.nobody stands up like u.howard dean looked amazed.if this turns back towards the people its because of you.i heard a caller say liberman can only respond to people in his home state. his bs affects everbody. cant put a fence up around that joe. u got to excuse me.i need to get some money to move on dot org. i hear thir working on a fund for joe.

Anonymous said...

the tea party is trying to do what the SS. did in WW2.let the old and sick die.if thay get away with taking away social security and medicare.

elmer lines said...

i miss seeing ed. on at 7:00. keep up the good woek. elmer lines

n/a said...

mr.Ed have a look at my vido on youtube under moses fluker..