Friday, March 30, 2007

Producer Says Sam Seder's Show Will End Next Week

The on again off again rumors about the end of Sam Seder Show, are on again today.

At 12:17 pm et today, Mo Lib, a poster on the Sam Seder Show blog claimed he that he heard Dan Pashman, a member of the Sam Seder Show production staff, say that they were "making a promo on Monday saying this is the last week of Sam Seder Show."

Here is the exact text of Mo Lib’s post:

mo lib said...

With the Sammy Cam still on I clearly heard Dan Pashman say they will make a promo on Monday saying this is the last week of the Sam Seder Show. This sucks!Sam will do fine without AAR. He's smart and creative. It's a real loss for the rest of us.I hope he can stay on the radio. Maybe with Nova M. This is really sad news.

Is this true? Or just another rumor about the demise on Seder’s morning show on Air America Radio?

After Mo Lib’s post there were dozen’s of comments on Pashman’s statement, which was apparently made on the Sammy Cam after today’s show was over.

Some of the posters seemed resigned to admit that Seder’s show was indeed coming to end. Others suggested that this was just some kind on April Fool’s joke planned on the eve of the third anniversary of the AAR launch.

Talking Radio is attempting to contact Seder and AAR officials to confirm the status of the veteran talker’s show.


Jill said...

I was watching the Sammy Cam after sign-off, and I can confirm that yes, said producer DID say that next week was the last week of the Sam Seder show. If it's an April Fool joke, it's a damn good one. But I don't think it is. It looks like the Green regime is Danny Goldberg II: The Undead Return.

Anonymous said...

There is a shakedown underway. Weaker shows go. Stronger shows stay. Survival of the fittest. In late morning, the fittest is Stephanie Miller.
She has survived Unfiltered, Jerry and apparently now Sam.
Better part of valor is for AAR to make a deal with Jones to put Steph on the AAR feed so the turnkeys and WWRL can take it (most everybody else already is).

NYLefty said...

Much as I hate to agree with emacee about anything, he's right about Stephanie Miller winning that time slot hands down. She's on most of the progressive talk stations and Seder is on hardly any. It makes no sense for AAR to continue with a show that's been overwhelmingly rejected in the marketplace, so why not concede to S. Miller -- unless it can somehow come up with somebody stronger.

gregrocker said...

Clear Channel was caught red-handed after the election trying to shut down AAR affiliates under false pretenses. Ed/Steph proved in creative ways that they not only didn't try to sell ads locally, but didn't even return phone calls to lefty merchants. So the question remains how they will shut down the wildly successful AAR affiliates on the West Coast like KTLK in Los ANgeles which is bulging obnoxiously with ad muscle.

So now we find out. They hire an old hat in L.A. Mr. K and pressure him to talk about Starbucks and American Idol and celebrity gossip, while censoring any callers on his "open lines" who complain that right wing stations never wussed out like this as they were taking over America. They move thier highest rated show Ed Schultz to 7-10 and preempt him with sports most nights, after Ed refuses to payola. They sell entire blocks of weekend time 5-9 pm to infomercials preempting Bobby Kennedy.

Where is the L.A. Weekly? Where are the Congressional Hearings everyone agreed the Dems would need just to survive the right wing radio juggernaut, which according to the Annenberg School dupes 50 million Americans and swung the past 5 of 6 elections? Why is there no pushback against the right owning the entire AM radio dial, and their agents even run havok playing dirty tricks on Air America?

HartmannFan said...

KTLK is "wildly successful?" Who knew? Somehow I don't think anybody in the ad buying business was impressed with KTLK's 0.08 share of the audience. Mr. K was getting four and five times that at KABC, so if he does half as well at KTLK they'll still be far ahead of the game.

Anonymous said...

Mr. K is pure garbage. A hack for ClearChannel to assist in defeating AAR. It's pathetic and infuriating. So sad that the phrase Air America used to be synonymous with free speech in context of WWII (despite being used for propaganda then too).