Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Maron-Seder Controversy Continues to Simmer

Last night we reported that Marc Maron made an announcement over the weekend that he was offered the morning slot on Air America Radio, but turned it down when he realized that he would be replacing his friend and former AAR colleague Sam Seder.

The announcement was not attributed directly to Maron, but rather from an unnamed person who attended his stand-up comedy show at the Punchline in Atlanta.

Now Maron has somewhat modified that statement. According to Blatherwatch, which originally broke the story, Maron now says that he was offered the morning slot on AAR and that he was told that Seder’s show was not being cancelled, but rather moved to evenings.

Maron told Blatherwatch that "Sam did not know this." Maron told Sam about the offer and AAR’s plans to move his show."After thinking about it," Maron claims that he decided to turn down the offer "for a number of reasons."

"One of the reasons that I turned down the offer," Maron claimed, "was my respect for and my relationship with Sam."

Maron has good reasons to be reluctant to rejoin the AAR program line-up. First he was fired by former CEO Danny Goldberg who reportedly did not "get" the comic’s humor. Then after Maron started an evening talk show on AAR's Los Angeles affiliate KTLK in early 2006, the show was never picked up for syndication by AAR despite assurances to do so from the network.

Still no comment from AAR on the controversy.


Anonymous said...

The guy is a hack.
He is not funny.
Morning Sedation was an albatross around AAR's neck.
If I was that bad, I'd kill myself.
Go away, Mark.
Find a job you are able to do.
This guy is the Maloney is libtalk.

Marion said...

Morning Sedition was brilliant with by far the best production on the whole network.

Maron's LA show was the battered stepchild of AAR, denied funding, publicity, and even airtime (usually delayed or preempted by sports).

It had good ratings. The hypocritical moron Danny Goldberg has permanently earned rotten eggs and tomatoes wherever he pushes his lying book about how the Left, but not him, lost teen spirit.

The truth: Goldberg is a shill for tawdry capitalists in Hollywood who are stupid about everything but pandering to sex-and-violence obessessed morons and don't want anyone touching their bottom line. Morning Sedition had a huge following among young people, even though Mark Riley is fairly old and even Mark Maron is middle-aged.

HippieBob said...

Obviously, Maron's humor is way above emacee's unhip, unenlightened head. Maron is a comic genius and the best host AAR ever had. He and sidekick Jim Earl created the most innovative show on any radio network. They turned liberal and conservative stereotypes upside down with a whole array of characters. No one else on radio has done character driven comedy on the radio like Maron and Earl.

heath said...

I'm sure Emacee would prefer to hear a radio show hosted by Dane Cook.