Friday, March 23, 2007

Maron Severs Ties With AAR

It appears that Marc Maron’s "on again off again" relationship with Air America Radio is permanently "off" according to an announcement released by the former AAR talker today.

The announcement (see below) seems to suggest that Maron will have nothing to do with liberal talk radio network and his former friend and colleague Sam Seder. As we reported here, last week, Maron told the audience at a comedy club appearance last week in Tucson that AAR offered him Seder’s morning slot and that he turned it down.

If such an offer was ever made we have not been able to confirm it from any other source.

Here’s the text of Maron’s announcement:

Here some sad news out of the gate. I will not be returning to Air America Radio. Today will be the last time I call in on Sam Seder's show. I will not be guest hosting any Air America shows in the future. This is all my choice. No conspiracy here. I'm just done with that company. My relationship with AAR is officially over. Thank you all for your support over the last couple of years. I've got to let go and move on.There are some things percolating at HBO. I have no real news about what or when or if but there is percolation.

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Anonymous said...

Sam and Marc are still friends. This was evident from their phone call on the Seder show today (3/23).

Maron just doesn't want to be on any
AAR show again...not even Sam's.