Wednesday, April 04, 2007

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Anonymous said...

This week, last week, and every week, the honor of worst broadcaster goes to Ed Schultz. Hands down he is the worst since Al Franken quit.

raccoonradio said...

WTWK's new format is "Eve", talk for women from the Greenstone Media network. Features The Radio Ritas,
Lisa Birnbach, Rolanda (used to do a TV talk show), and "Women Aloud".
Details at the

WTWK site
. It may be more lifestyle than political talk.

gregrocker said...

I am glad to see this since the only busy radio blog before was Radio Equalizer which is first among a half dozen blogs by rightist dirty tricksters trying to collapse Air America. After studying these sites for a couple of years, it is clear that these operatives are circling the wagons around the right wing talk radio juggernaut because they know it is built on such flimsy lies that any effort by even a fledgling or FAILING radio presence to debunk its lies threatens to collapse the whole false edifice.

Why on earth has the Dem Congress for their own survival made no effort to date to pressure ownership to bring some balance back to AM radio? There should be high profile hearings designed to educate the public to how our politics became so ugly and false. Chief witness could be Kathleen Hall Jameson of the prestigious Annenberg School at Penn (funded by the conservo TV GUide fortune) who has studied the lies of right wing talk radio for a dozen years, finding "false certainty" on most every issue by millions of listeners who simply cannot believe their radio would be allowed to lie to them so baldly (the very definition of the Big Lie). They are duping 20-50 million people at a time, enough to swing 5 out of the past 6 elections. Unless sustained pressure is put on owners, they obivously intend to keep the AM talk dial slanted entirely to the far right. Yet the airwaves belong to the public, and the minimum rental should be some balance and basic truth. Pressure of Perish, Dem Congresss! The right's talk juggernaut holds the balance of power in this country now, and they will soon reinflate to quash every Dem initiative and sweep you out if you don't hit them hard and long.

Anonymous said...

gregrocker is another 1960’s pony-tailed leftist who wants to bring back the “Fairness Doctrine”. Don’t be fooled by this steaming pile-O-garbage he has put forth. As he says, the public airwaves belong to the public. That same public that can and does produce radio programs that actually do make money. If you want govt subsidized “fairness”, tune to NPR or PBS. These socialists just don’t get it.....

gregrocker said...

and I'd want to remain anonymous, too, if I was a pasty 700 pound right wing redneck!

raccoonradio said...

A possible place for prog talk in Providence...?

A post on's Providence board says that WALE AM 990 (currently off air I believe) may emerge as a talk station with more than a couple local hosts, like former RI Atty Genl Arlene Violet who had been at WHJJ. Former gov Bruce Sundlun is involved.
If anyone's down in Prov. maybe you can somehow get involved and
perhaps put more prog. talk down there (I believe Arlene is
progressive). Only problem is that while the station is allegedly
50kW days and 5kW nights their signal may not be the best, from
what I read in the past.

Currently Providence has WPRO 630 (Citadel)
Local hosts: Ron St. Pierre, John Depetro, Dan Yorke

Syndie: Limbaugh, Savage, Doyle, Noory

and WHJJ AM 920 (Clear Channel; had been Air America for awhile)
Local host: Helen Glover of Survivor fame

Syndie: Don Imus, Quinn and Rose, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Bill O'Reilly

Arlene's site (may not have been updated for awhile)

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly should be given a worst talker lifetime award and removed from consideration. Give others a chance.

Anonymous said...

Curious about Little Rock.
Did Nova M decide not to renew the lease, or did they have a problem paying the rent?
As long as the station owner is getting his money, there is little reason to take back a station.
And this comes right on the heels of Newcomb's abrupt departure.
All may be less than rosy at Nova M.
Deja vu all over again.

Anonymous said...

Since the most recent update (talk show targets Hispanics) this blog is not displaying properly in Firefox. Background colors in the wrong places; some foreground items not where they are supposed to be. Anybody else having this problem?

NYLefty said...

I'm using Firefox and am now having great difficulty reading this blog. On my monitor it's black text on a fairly dark blue background -- making it almost impossible to read.

Anonymous said...

As author of Talk Radio for Authors - Getting Interviews Across the U.S. and Canada (Infinity Publishing 2007), I have coined an expression, "rookie radio" to describe the lack of information on talk radio websites about their shows - themes, guest criteria, and sometimes contact information.

To celebrate the publication, a book launch party will be held April 17, 2007, 5 to 8 p.m. at Good News Broadcast studios, 126 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3D (between. 17th and 18th Streets), in Manhattan. The party will be broadcast live and interviews conducted.