Wednesday, April 25, 2007


MSNBC is going to give Keith Olbermann some competition next week when they will present the Stephanie Miller Show, Monday through Wednesday, in the slot formerly occupied by Imus. Liberal Talk radio fans do not want to miss this rare opportunity to catch one of its top stars on the teevee.

According to Stephanie's co-host Chris Lavioe, details of her appearance will be spelled out on tomorrow’s radio show. – 9 am to 12 noon.

"For those of you who are up late and blogging away, I wanted to let everyone know that Steph and the mooks are gonna be on MSNBC on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the old Imus slot. Woo hoo! You are going to be able to see us do the radio show from Imus' old studios at MSNBC!" Lavoie posted on several blogs.

MSNBC is testing several radio talkers in the slot formerly occupied by Imus, until his "nappy headed hos" comment about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, got him canned. This week they featured Michael Smerconish, a conservative talker from Philadelphia.

The show will be taped live from 6-9 am EDT on MSNBC and then rebroadcasted from 9a-12 noon EDT to Stephanie's radio affiliates.

Blatherwatch, a usually accurate blog covering liberal talk, reports that Stephanie has the inside track, in the Imus slot sweepstakes. He writes...

It's "temporary," we're assured by our spy out at MSNBC Redmond, and no done deal. But we've learned that Miller is the top contender, and the one for whom the network has the greatest hopes."They decided it was time for a woman in that slot," he told BlatherWatch.

There's a great discussion about Stephanie's MSNBC gig going on right now at Daily Kos.

Here are a few of the over 200 posts as of 12 noon PDT

Let's say the StephCasts hit a homerun, which I bet they will. Could this be a test run to see if the Olbermann effect is more than just one man doing an amazing job, and there is room for other progressives?

This IS a great day! With Stephanie's humor, I have no doubt she's going to be a hit. And this will give Billo something else to explode about!!

Stephanie Miller is the sweetest funniest show ever. She's the future, Smerconish the's that simple. This is great news, I just heard her talk about it. Dam, there goes my sleep schedule, 3-6am. Worth it though. Woo hoo!!!

She will be better to look at then the guy who was on this week, and it will be great to watch Jim the man of a thousand and one impressions doing his act.

I for one am a big fan and get her streaming since they took AAR out of our local lineup and she's not on XM but on Sirius.

MSNBC may just go back and forth between right wing and liberal to see who sells. This will be a business decision, whoever brings in the ratings and young demo will probably get the job.
Her wit will play well to a mainstream audience. It will also open the doors of mainstream media to liberal talk shows.

I've caught Stephanie Miller's radio show. She's got talent! I like to laugh. Smart move. Make her the permanent host!

If you would like to see Stephanie get a permanent show with MSNBC send Viewer Services an email.


Anonymous said...

Mike Smerconish was supposed to finish his trial run on MSNBC on Wednesday, but they have extended him until Friday. Will they do the same for Stephanie next week?

Anonymous said...

My guess is they give candidates three days in case somebody sucks to minimize damage. In all likelihood, most try out hosts will get the full week. All the people mentioned so far are people with a track record. They may not be great but they probably won't be total amateurs either.
Much as I loathe shyster Smerconish, it might be interesting if MSNBC did not get a permanent I-replacement (at least for a while). Instead bring in local talk radio hosts from around the country to simulcast their shows. Curtis and Kuby. Spike O'Dell. Paul. W. Smith. Bill Handel. ... a bunch more. Heck, even O&A.

Anonymous said...

She is wonderful, hilarious- I predict a big hit!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Stephanie Miller is much hotter looking than I imagined her to be. I hope she succeeds in her new TV spot; she'll definitely be a lot more fun to look at than that wrinkly old dog-faced Imus.

Anonymous said...

watching this right now and does anyone notice that she's sweating in her armpits. ewwww..

terrorist are attacking her armpit sweat glands.

raccoonradio said...

Libs will be pleased to know the conservatives on Free Republic saw her too, and...(Mission

"Who is this clown they have in Imus' old spot on MSNBC? This person they have on today in his slot is horrible! Forget that host sounds like a total moonbat,it's like they copied Laura Ingram's show except made the format even more obnoxious. There is a news network that has totally lost it's direction and identity. They are becoming the "Pennysaver" newspaper of cable news."

"Got curious. She just accused the President and Condi Rice of having an affair? Back to Fox."

"caught a couple minutes earlier this morning. All she did was play O’Reilly clips and insult Ann Coulter. Won’t bother watching ever again."

barooosk said...

Raccoon...C'mon you know better than that. Why are you reposting a comment from one of your right wing friends, who doesn't think that Stephanie is funny. This guy probably still lives with his mother and sleeps with a Ronald Reagan doll.

However, feel free to post your own comments about Stephanie.

Anonymous said...

I thought she was pretty funny, i not a political person but I had a pretty good laugh watching her make fun of hannity and others.

Anonymous said...

We all know that Raccoons subsist by stealing garbage from garbage cans.

I bet Stuart Smalley is wishing now he'd stayed in talk radio a while longer and gotten a chance at the MSNBC gig:
I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like me.

Live from Secaucus, it's Tuesday Morning!

Anonymous said...

I happened to catch the last hour of Stephanie Miller and just absolutely loved her! I thought she was very funny, and definitely had no problems telling it like it is but at the same time knowing what her limits are when making her comments. I am a very devoted Democrat so I know I am biased but I was impressed that with the Republican callers on her show that she did respect their views and wasn't necessarily bashing them. She was just telling it like it is. Make her permanent!

Anonymous said...

So what she's kind of good looking!!!! This girl is missing the boat and getting others to miss it as well with jokes!!! Hillary is a loser!! Bill is a loser!!! Stephanie Miller, while funny, is still a loser and should stay on radio. She's not ready for prime time because she's in someone else's pocket. I know it, and she knows it!