Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mike Malloy Returns to Georgia

There’s a rumor circulating that Air America Radio will soon be announcing six or seven new affiliates. However, while we wait for the AAR news we can confirm that Nova M has added two new affiliates this week.

In a press release today, Nova M has announced that their top host, late night talker Mike Malloy, can now be heard weeknights -- 10 pm to 1 am -- on WAAW-FM/94.7 in Augusta. This represents a return to Georgia airwaves for Malloy, a resident of Atlanta who was dropped from WWAA/1690 in his hometown about a year ago. He was also dumped by AAR at about the same time.

This represents the 13th affiliate for Malloy, who remains the marquee talent in the Nova M stable.

Gospel music is the primary format of WAAW which is known in the Augusta area as "Rejoice Radio."

Sounds like a perfect fit to us.

In other Nova M news, "The Pulse of the Nation" with Jeff Farias and John Zogby will debut this Saturday on WIBX/950 at 9 am. Don’t look for lib talk weekdays on WIBX, as they offer wall to wall conservative talk Monday to Friday.

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Marc McDonald said...

Great news! Now, when will Nova M take to the airwaves in Dallas-Fort Worth. I hope to hear Malloy on our local airwaves again.