Friday, January 05, 2007

Was Up with Greenstone?

What's going on at Greenstone Media? In the past week, at least two top executives of fledgling women's talk radio network have resigned or been fired. Last week it was reported that Edie Hilliard, Greenstone's original president was replaced by Nancy Vaeth-Dubroff. Now today's edition of reports that the network's programming exec, Dan Larkin, is also out.

Greenstone is conducting the highest profiled talk radio network launch since the start-up of Air America Radio network almost three years. The venture appears to well funded and the backers represent a who's who in the women's movement led by Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinhem. While their sharp website doesn't list affiliates, TR has identified about a dozen stations that have picked up Greenstone's all female talk radio line-up

Anyone know was up?

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Tanya Davis said...

Hello! Thank you for your interest in GreenStone Media! Just to set the record straight: Edie Hilliard, Greenstone's EVP/COO has joined the GreenStone Board, and, quite coincidentally, Dan Larkin is moving back to the Midwest for family reasons. GreenStone has not fired any personnel.

Please review the latest press release for details: