Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Handel Loses His Handle

What is about talk radio hosts, that they are always getting in trouble? Is that they are pampered by radio station management, sucked up to by adoring fans, or just plan bullies that have exchanged the playground for the airwaves. It is such an interesting topic that I have created a blog profiling the many incidents of talk radio hosts behaving badly Although I try not to cross post too much, I decided to share this one with my readers here at Talking Radio. It involves the number one local talk host in the country. His name is Bill Handel and he is the morning host on KFI-AM in Los Angeles.

Over a million listeners tune into Bill Handel's morning show each week. That's a big audience and has no doubt contributed to Bill's inflated ego and hair trigger temper. So it is not surprising that Bill lost it when he had a confrontation with Jamie White, a dj on KYSR, 98.7, another Clear Channel station that shares the cramped studios at the station groups LA headquarters in Burbank. The following story by appeared in Radio and Records on line news feed last Friday morning.

Handel vs. White/The CC-LA Throwdown

KFI/Los Angeles personality Bill Handel got a little hot under the collar with Jamie White, morning hostess at Clear Channel clusterpal KYSR (Star 98.7), on the air this morning. Handel, who occasionally brings his kids to work, went into Star's studio and began yelling at White live, allegedly because she threw his kids out of her studio.According to a clip that aired on KTLA-TV this morning, White opened the exchange by telling Handel, "I just pointed at your kids with my orange flute and told them don't come back." Handel angrily responded, "If you ever talk to my kids that way again, Jamie, I am going to kick your ass. You are not allowed to talk to them! Are you telling me they can't be on the fifth floor?"White shot back, "I'm telling them they can't be right there," to which Handel yelled, "You have such goddamn losing numbers on this loser show. Shut up! You don't talk to my kids that way." Handel also shouted, "Don't you touch me!" which suggests that someone was trying to force him out of the studio -- right before he dropped a couple of f-bombs on his way out.

When I read this story, I first thought that Jamie was a guy. Why would Handel threaten to kick a girl's ass. So I naturally had to check out the You Tube clip which contains a photo and all the juicy details of the early morning confrontation. By Monday, a somewhat chastened Handel apologized for his outburst and has been suspended for a week by KFI. The details of his apology and suspension were spelled out in an article in Allaccess.com yesterday.

Handel Gets Week's Suspension For On-Air Tirade

The great CLEAR CHANNEL/LOS ANGELES battle of titans has resulted in a one week suspension for Talk KFI-A morning star BILL HANDEL, to be served upon his return from his previously-scheduled two week vacation. HANDEL, in an incident that landed on local CW affiliate KTLA (TV)'s morning news show and, subsequently, on YOUTUBE, burst into Modern AC KYSR (STAR 98.7)'s studios and yelled at STAR morning host JAMIE WHITE for throwing his twin daughters out of her studio and threatening "if you ever talk to my kids like that again, JAMIE, I'm going to kick your ass." HANDEL also dropped a pair of "f-bombs," but STAR says that they were caught by the delay system and did not air (the KTLA tape appears to have come from a pre-delay skimmer tape). In a statement, HANDEL apologized for his outburst, saying "I want to apologize to JAMIE and her team for my behavior and how I handled the unfortunate incident this morning. It was simply a reaction of a dad who was protecting his children. I lost my temper, I lost my cool."

This isn't the first time that Handel's outrageuos behavior has got him in trouble with KFI management. A few weeks ago, when he joked about a stampede that killed scores of Arabs in Saudi Arabia, he was forced to make an apology when the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) complained.


Jim Hallowes said...

Dear Bill, (and if doesnt get read by Bill would who ever has access please forward this message to him, please, thank you!)

Listened to your show this morning (3-3-07) and when I heard how you had in your trust for your sons, opps... I mean your "daughters" about they'd get money if they made money, etc.

You may want to be aware that you are trying to raise a couple of little respectable "guys" that way. Are you aware of that?

See, the undisputed facts are that boys and girls are different... and you are raising them with that in mind, correct?

Or, maybe you aren't aware.... Question how would the will or trust be different if they were boys?? and if not, you should ask yourself... why? Don't Pamela and Barbara deserve that?

"Guys" (mostly men) have to "do good, to feel good," and girls, women, "yin" energy type people, you know "female", or "feminine" type people, often times "girls" and it may come as a shock to you, they "have to feel good, to do good."

It sure sounds like you are raising them to be respectable little boys? which is just fine, and unfortunately not that uncommon today, but you ought to be aware of what it is that you are doing. and that maybe they become aware, too.

All this information is avaialbe from Dr. Pat Allen, for you and your "girls" Dr. Allen was on Fox News, two weeks ago an is the "go-to" person for CNN and KTLA news, too. She's been on Oprah 4 times for what that's worth, and she's a MFT, too, she has a movie coming ouot this month at eh Hollywood DV Film Festival with John Gray (the "Mars/Venus" guy) and Dr. Pat Allen might be able to help set you straight on the ramifications of your seemingly way of raising your little girls to be little boys.

And then it was made even more clear when I notice you write things like:

"It was a 2 day trip and we lasted only 1 day. I enjoyed it but my daughters couldn’t deal with the rushing cold water over them as the boat went over the rapids. Apparently that is not their cup of tea. These were termed category “3” rapids. They would have been better off with category “1/2”.

As for my lovely wife, Marjorie...“Where was she?” you might ask. She spent the weekend at the mall."
Sounds like your "wife" (or maybe she's your husband?) Marjories at least acts like a female.

Thank about it. Please.

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Best wishes to you and your family!

Warmets regards,


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Jim Hallowes said...

And Bill, I noticed my post "signature" had my Highly Sensitive People listed, this prior post about your daughters has nothing to do with that. I'm guessing here, but I don't think you or your daughters would qualify for the "inherited trait of high sensitivity." A trait shared by 15-20% of the population.

But, if you are interested you can learn more at: www.HighlySensitivePeople.com where there are some radio interviews, and some video clips, too.

Or, here's link for some excerpts from a talk on HSPs. (Highly Sensitive People)


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