Monday, April 03, 2006

Peter B. to Increase his Distribution by 900%

Peter B. Collins is the latest liberal talk show host to enter the syndication market. Peter B. has been quietly broadcasting daily, 3pm to 6pm on KXRA,AM 540 in Monterey for the past six months. He announced on his Friday show that starting April 10th his daily show will be picked up by KSAC in Sacremento and KPHX, the new lib talker in Phoenix. This will increase the radio listeners that have access to Peter B's show by 900%. Not a bad a start for a syndication effort. The question is, now that that two of top three lib talkers are not affiliated with AAR --Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller -- and other non AAR lib talkers like Alan Colmes, Lionel, Liz Brown, and now Peter B. -- are gaining distribution is AAR's dominant position at risk?

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